Salman Is At His Top And Looks Very Happy And convinced , Chilling With Shera

Here we are going to show you ‘ Salman Is At His Top And Looks Very Happy And convinced , Chilling With Shera ‘             

Bollywood’s ‘Dabangg’ and box office ‘Sultan’ i.e. Salman Khan has been in constant discussions about his film ‘Race 3’. In spite of all the criticisms of Critics, Salman was saved from being frustrated by his fans and his film ‘Race 3’ appeared to be performing well at the box office.

In such a situation, there is no place for happiness of Salman Khan. You can also feel his  happiness in his latest photos. Actually, these photos have come from the Mumbai airport, in which they are imprisoned in a fun mood with his special Bodyguard shera.

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Every act of Salman is very unique and it will not be wrong to say that wherever he is seen, he is shocked! In these pictures you can see how happy and excited he was

Shera is among the always living bodyguards with Salman. He take care of Salman very much. He is always with him wherever he goes. In every happy and sad state, he has been seen with Salman like shadows. However, in these latest photographs you can see Salman and Sherah are doing a little fun too.

These photos can be understood by  the relationship of both and special bonding.


Like Salman, Sherra is also quite popular and his body is as strong as Salman!

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However, if you talk about ‘Race 3’, then the film is getting a lot of fanfare at the box office.

Let me tell you that Race 3, which has earned Rs. 106 crores 47 lakhs in the first weekend, has received a collection of 120 million 71 lakh rupees in the first four days so far. This is a great relief for Salman because critics did not give a very good review about the film. In addition to critics on social media also about this film

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