Top 3 Business Women’s In Bollywood

Aamir Khan’s film Dangle has given a  ghazab  line “meri choriyan kisi chore se kam hai ke”.  The power of girls, their absence, and much more. Here we will tell you the “Top 3 Business Women’s In Bollywood”

By the way, this line is completely suit to our Bollywood actresses too. Here are some womens in bollywood that are going great in business –

1 – Twinkle Khanna

source – starsunfolded

Twinkle Khanna’s film career is not hidden from anyone. Twinkle’s last film ‘Anything for Love’ will come in 2001. But acting is not right, Twinkle has proved itself as a successful business woman. Twinkle picked up the pen and became a writer, who did not know the books written by him, Mrs Funnibos and The Legend of Laxmi Prasad.

 2 – Shilpa Shetty

source – APherald

Another actress whose film career may have been fullstop today, but if business is talked about, Madame is no less than anybody. Youtube books of Yoga Books and Healthy Food are well-handled.

3 – Mallaik Aroa and Bipasha Basu

source – hindustan times

Two Bollywood actresses comes together ver often at a time but when it comes, it gets amazing. Some are doing similar and bipashaa too. Together with Sujoy Khan, these two actresses are running lifestyle and fashion brands which are quite popular.

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