This Happens When Akshay Kumar Could Not Fulfill His Daughters Wish

Akshay daughter has some wish and here it is ‘ This Happens When Akshay Kumar Could Not Fulfill His Daughters Wish’1

Akshay Kumar is capable enough to give his children more than one gift in the world, but daughter Nitita has asked for such a gift from him on Father’s Day that he does not understand what to do.

Father’s Day is booming among Bollywood celebrities. In their own way, everyone is wooing their own papa. Akshay Kumar has also been selected by his children Father’s Day, but it has increased the khiladi’s problems. Indeed, Akshay’s daughter has asked for him a Unicorn (a horned horse). Akshay has shared a happy conversation with daughter and sought help.

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Akshay has written – “Help. Father’s Day and my daughter told me- can I have a pet? The love of the father in me woke up and I said – why not son. What do you want He said – can I get a winged unicorn? Do you have any suggestions? ”

Unicorn is a fictional creature, with a horn on its forehead, and through the birds it flies in the sky, which is often a part of foreign dental stories. But, Akshay’s daughter has demanded it in innocence.

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After this, Akshay posted another photo of him in social media, in which he looked like Unicorn stickers on his face. Akshay has written – I am reading your unique suggestions and I am liking them. Nonetheless, Nitara’s Unicorn Pin-Board is entertaining it. There is great happiness in these little moments.

source – DNA India

Let us tell you that Nitara is now five years old and Akshay is quite a protective father. On the other hand, Abiram, son of Shah Rukh Khan, has given him such a gift on Father’s Day that King Khan has become emotional. Abiram has created a greeting card for papa shah rukh, which is written on it – “You are the best papa in the world.” (You are the best father in the world).

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