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Tarek Fatah Ka Fatwa New Controversial Zee Tv Show

By admin / Published on Saturday, 07 Jan 2017 06:13 AM / No Comments / 3974 views

Tarek Fatah is a Canadian writer, broadcaster, Secularist and a Social Activist. Born on 20th November 1949. He is also the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress. Fatah advocates “Gay Rights”, a separation of religion and state, opposition to Muslim “Sharia Law”. Most of his statements have been met with criticism by many Muslim groups.


Tarek Fatah
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Zee Tv is bringing on a new talk show “Fateh Ka Fatwa” featuring Tarek Fatah, where he would put on his views on many things. Since Tarek is famous for saying many things without any fear or mixing up it with any emotions. This show would for sure go miles.

See the Promo yourself:

Recently Tarek came into limelight when he exposed the hidden objectives of some Pakistani’s who are taking shelter abroad.

With his small chat / interview with a leading news channel, he exposed, why Osama was found in Pakistan and why most of the Pakistani’s are taking shelter in European countries. The video of his interview became viral, and hence he came into limelight.

Here’s the video:

Many Muslim leaders are targeting him for spreading hatred message. But Tarek is unstoppable now. With this show “Fateh Ka Fatwa“, he promised to reveal many secrets, which we would love to see.

The show is coming soon, and we are waiting for this. We hope whatever happen would happen for the betterment of society and the Nation as in whole.

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