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Sunil Grover Touched Feet of Sunny Leoni in Live Event

By admin / Published on Monday, 17 Apr 2017 10:06 AM / No Comments / 291 views
Sunil Grover appeared with Sunny Leoni on Thursday at a promotional event. In fact, live commentary of the IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab in Kolkata was telecasted by a web browser on Thursday.


Sunil and Sunny were seen as a commentator here. Both of them entertained audiences very much during this time. For instance, in a scene, Sunil Grover appeared to have touched Sunny’s feet in a lovely fashion. Sunny taught Sunil dance on baby doll …
During the commentary, Sunny Leone taught Sunil Grover some dance steps of ‘baby doll’. At the same time there was a festival of Baisakhi on Friday, So Sunil teaches Sunny ‘Giddha’.
Sunil and Sunny’s conversations were quite fun. For instance, when Sunny said that he likes both Shah Rukh Khan (Owner of Kolkata Knight Riders) and Preity Zinta (Co-Owners of Kings XI Punjab), then Sunil said ”It means that today’s match is between Dimple and Dimple. Now to see whose Dimple wins”.
It is worth mentioning that both Shahrukh and Pretty have dimples on cheeks.
Sunil is away from Kapil’s Show
On March 16, when returning from the Australia tour, Kapil had mistreated with Chandan Prabhakar and Sunil Grover in the Flight. It is being said that Kapil not only abused both the intoxicants but also got a scuffle.
After this fight, Chandan and Sunil are not working with Kapil. Ali Asghar and Sugandha Mishra did not come for the show’s show in their support.

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