SRK Connection With Pakistan Election

However, Shah Rukh is  famous in the world and he is not in Pakistan but he has nothing to do with the politics of the state but now a connection to King Khan has been added to Pakistan’s election. we will talk about “

Actually, a distant relative of Shah Rukh Khan, who lives in Pakistan, is participating in the election as a candidate. There are general elections going to be held on July 25 in Pakistan and noorjahan is contesting from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa seat. She is contesting as an independent candidate. Noorjahan and his family live in the Shahwali area, which is next to the Kiswa Khwani market.

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Being a relative of Shahrukh Khan, Noorjahan, Bollywood actor has met twice and both families have maintained close contact with maintaining close ties. Nurjahan’s brother has told that the people of his family Participated in political activities.

source – India Tv

His sister was also elected as its first counselor. There was no contact between Shahrukh and Noor Jahan recently. Because Shahrukh is very busy these days, he is busy shooting film Zero in Alabama, USA.

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Meanwhile, it is also reported that Shahrukh Khan can work in Rakesh Sharma’s biopic and it can start shooting in October. However, it is also reported that Shah Rukh Khan did not lock his date for his Rakesh Sharma biopic.

But it is believed to be almost certain that he is going to be a part of the film. These films were supposed to be first Aamir Khan but later he refused to say that mango And that he had advised the Shah Rukh Khan’s in the film

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