Sanjay Dutt Quits Drugs Because Of His Servant Suggestion – Can’t Believe It

Sanjay is in News from a long time. And here we will tell you that ‘ Sanjay Dutt Quits Drugs Because Of His Servant Suggestion – Can’t Believe It’

Sanjay Dutt’s biopic has a lot of discussion these days. The film Sanju is going to release on June 29 and the director of the film is Raju Hirani. How does Sanjay Dutt react to the film? On asking this, Sanjay has said that he is waiting for the film to come and he should not say anything yet.

But let us tell you that in some of the small screen shows, in which Sanjay Dutt has participated, he has shared some interesting aspects of his life and can be expected that Raju Hirani showed his tales in his biopic.

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Recently, when he came to the show ‘Entertainment Night’ of Colors, he told that during the period in which he used to take drugs and was completely in the possession of the drug, at the time when he was used to cut by  mosquitoes at night, It bites  and dies because of the amount of drug in his blood.

by Seeing this, Sanju had realized what kind of situation he had reached and how much of his drug was in his body. At the same time he remembered his jail days and said that there were hot tea for Muslim prisoners in Ramzan, his muslims friend also offered hindu prisoners their hot tea.

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He added that there was not any kind of descrimination in jail between relation of Hindu and Muslim

Sanjay says that in his prison days, he looked at Humanity more closely and felt. When the first season of Salman Khan’s show of Das was brodcatsed, that is, 9 years ago, in a special episode, Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt became part of the show in the form of guest and during that time, Dutt shared that After all, why did he stop drug addiction? During this show, he accepted that the drug is a worthless thing.

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