Sanjay Connection With Amir’s Gulam – Shocking And Interesting

Here we are going tell you the ‘Sanjay Connection With Amir’s Gulam – Shocking And Interesting’

Amir Khan is the most trusted and successful superstar of Bollywood at this time. Aamir has made great films year after year in the box office and has credited the public with its credibility.

Aamir has made many memorable films, but it holds a special place in the films ‘Ghulam’. On 19th June, this Mile Stone film of Aamir’s career has completed 20 years of journey. Do you know that Ghulam has a deep connection with Sanjay Dutt, which has been further revealed in the story.

‘Ghulam’ was directed by Bhatt and the film was released on June 19, 1998. Aamir played the role of a street smart boxer in the film, which is called Tapori in Mubaiya language. Rani Mukerji became Aamir’s Leading Lady in the film for the first time. Rajit Kapur was in the role of Aamir’s elder brother.

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Sharat Saxena played Villain in this film, which is former boxer champion and pursues a travel agency business, but his real work is forcibly recovered.

If you feel that Aamir Khan does not work in remakes or sequels, then ‘Ghulam’ will remove your misconception. ‘Ghulam’, released in 1998, was a remake of Sanjay Dutt’s hit movie Kabza, which was released in 1988 and was directed by Mahesh Bhatt.

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Salim Khan’s father Salim Khan wrote a script. In this film, Raj Babbar, Amrita Singh and Paresh Rawal were included in the main characters with Sanjay.

See the coincidence, now Sanjay Dutt’s biopic film ‘Sanju’ is being released, in which Paresh is playing the role of his father Sunil Dutt.

Well, ‘Kabza’ is not an original movie. It was inspired by the 1954 American classic ‘On the Waterfront’, in which the legendary actor Marlon Brando played the main role.

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