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Salman Khan’s Tubelight Movie Dhamaka with Bahubali 2

By admin / Published on Monday, 17 Apr 2017 09:25 AM / No Comments / 311 views
Kabir Khan, director of the movie “Tubelight” recently had convinced that the trailer of Salman Khan’s film is about to be released soon. At present, the post production of the movie is in progress. But the film’s first look and trailer will be released soon.

However, now the director has confirmed that the much-awaited film Tubelight teaser will be done by the end of April. Yes, that would be the explosion of tube light with Bahubali 2. Bahubali is going to be released on April 28. Maybe, Tubelight teasers can be combined with Bahubali.
At the same time, the movie trailer will be released in May. Kabir Khan said that through the trailer we have wanted to give some message to the people. See if the message reaches to the people or not. He also said that the film’s actress Zhu Zhu will also come to India for some time during the promotion.
The story of Tubelight was based on the Indo-China war that took place in 1962. This is the story of two brothers, where a brother disappears somewhere between war and then the second brother (Salman Khan) goes out to search for him. Salman Khan plays the role of a person in the film, which can be understood by a long time. But in search of a brother, he fights with these weaknesses.
Here’s What We Expect from the Tubelight Trailer
  • Emotional: Emotional is quite hopeful that we will get to see the emotional side of Salman Khan in the Tubelight trailer. Because the story of the film is quite emotional like Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
  • Salman’s Different Style: Salman is a slow learner in this movie. So, their style will be quite different. Kabir Khan has said that Salman has never seen such a fan till this day.
Salman's Different Style
  • Superb location: Places are very beautiful in Kabir Khan’s films Hopefully in the tube lights, we will make a trip to a new location.
tubelight-superb location
  • Chinese Actress Entry: The look of this actress is hidden enough. But it is expected that in the trailer we will see a glimpse of Chinese actress Zhu Zhu.
Tublight Chinese Actress Entry
  • Action Scenes: Now Salman is Khan. So whatever the story is as sensitive. It happens to be an action sequence. Hopefully, in the trailer, Salman does some intense action.
Action Scenes
  • Strong Twists: The story of the film has been quite a revival. Therefore, there is no doubt that Kabir Khan will put some twists in the trailer that the audience will become even more impatient for the film.


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