Ranbir Kapoor Have High Hopes For Indian Football Team

Here we are going to tell you “Ranbir Kapoor Have High Hopes For Indian Football Team’

Film actor Ranbir Kapoor said that football in India is like a lion that is sleeping now. He will wake up and show his status.

During the promotion of Sanju’s film, Ranbir Kapoor said in an interview that soccer is also becoming popular among the people in our country but now people are the most passionate of cricket. After that, the number of hockey and kabaddi is coming.

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Ranbir said It also seems that there is a place for football as well as all of them in India. They said that they want to see India in the next World Cup in the World Cup.

Talking about India’s star football player Sunil Chhetri, he said that there are only one or two Sunil Chhetri in India but India will have to give birth to 11 such things. Only then will India be able to secure a place in the World Cup. However, It is also an impression that India can one day make space in the World Cup of football.

Ranbir said about the ongoing football world cup this time, that this time the World Cup is changing very much, which is why he is very surprised. He said that the match between Germany and Mexico just recently was amazing Ranbir Kapoor told that he is a great fan of Argentine legendary Leon Messi and he feels his team can win this Cup from Argentina.

Ranbir Kapoor on this occasion Heuer also spoke about his film Sanju l

It is worth mentioning that Ranbir Kapoor is playing the role of Sanjay Dutt in Sanju, and the film is being released on June 29.

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