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Priyanka Chopra Made Fun Of Salman Khan?

By admin / Published on Friday, 14 Jun 2019 12:36 PM / No Comments / 92 views

Priyanka Chopra’s kickass reply to Salman Khan’s taunt on her shows her boldness.

Salman Khan made every possible effort in order to insult and criticize Priyanka because of her sudden exit from his film “Bharat” but Priyanka didn’t react so far. Now, when Bharat has released and received an average review, Priyanka has opened her mouth and made a comment on his film which will surely hurt Salman’s ego and that too without saying much.

Priyanka Chopra is in India currently. She is here to complete Shonali Bose’s film “The sky is pink” shooting. She is also spending some quality time with her family. The shooting of “The sky is pink” has filmed in Mumbai and Andaman. Now the shooting of her film has come to the end and a wrap-up party was also organized for its cast and crew members. Priyanka Chopra was also present at this party. The media was also there to cover this party.


Firstpost Hindi
Priyanka made fun of Salman Khan
Times Now
Wrap-up party of The sky is pink


Media asked her about the reason of her sudden exit from the film and while answering this question she said that she had a lot of films to choose at that time and everyone questions her judgment “why not this tent-pole, pot-boiler, song and dance film and why playing a mother” She also said that the reason behind choosing “The sky is pink” is that she believes in Shonali and her vision.

Everyone who was present there started laughing when the media further asked her to name that pot-boiler movie and instead of answering she also started laughing. But to cover up the whole situation she added that she was talking in a general sense.

Everyone around her got her point and with this simple comment, she took a dig at Salman Khan and his film Bharat. She not only opted out of his film also taught him a good lesson. It’s very rare in Bollywood that someone openly criticizes Salman Khan. Anurag Kashyap was the only one in this group who openly said in front of media that he isn’t interested in working with Salman, now Priyanka is also on this list.

Hindustan Times
Salman Khan criticized Priyanka during promotions

After so many controversies, Salman is still interested in working with Priyanka in the future as he mentioned in his recent interview. But recently several rumors are spreading in Bollywood that Salman Khan told Sanjay Leela Bhansali to not cast Priyanka in it as a female lead. Now, whether this news is true or not is a question. But she proved that she will not get much affected by anyone’s comments and she also knows how to reply boldly who tries to insult her.

Salman and Priyanka


Well according to us, we won’t be able to see them together on Bollywood screen anytime soon. What are your thoughts? write it to us in the comment section.


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