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Priyanka and Nick’s Roka | Engagement | Bollywood News

The Images On Priyanka and Nick’s Roka Pictures Are  Golden Suit

Nick  and Priyanka, Priyanka and Nick  – these two haven’t recently assumed control over our lives since the exceptionally customary and fairly unforeseen roka function yesterday, yet they have assumed control over our online life accounts also.

From wishing thecouple all the bliss to a considerable measure of nonnatives attempting to make sense of what precisely ‘roka’ is, them two and their super charming pictures in desi garments is wherever on Twitter and Instagram.

Priyanka Chopra

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Yet, there’s solitary one approach to acknowledge what the greatest news on the planet is correct now – the quantity of images it gets. What’s more, clearly Priyanka and Nick  have a considerable measure of them. Brisk inquiry tho, what is their ship name? ‘Niyanka’? Nope, that doesn’t sound decent. Or then again, is it ‘Prick’? Presently, this one I can get behind!

Alright, returning to the images and jokes and every one of the general population entertainingly think about what Nick ‘s response will be in the wake of becoming more acquainted with exactly what number of capacities and services there are in a huge Indian wedding.

Can hardly wait for this to happen, tbh.

Nick Jonas really brought his American self and his parents all the way to India to respect Priyanka’s desire for a traditional engagement and I’m out here crying in the club rn waiting for someone like that in my life.

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