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By admin / Published on Friday, 30 Dec 2016 09:04 AM / No Comments / 210 views

IN 2000, HAD KAR DI AAPNE was released in which Govinda and Rani mukherjee played a lead role. While doing the shooting of HAD KAR DI AAPNE , Govinda and Rani mukherjee came closer to each other and a love story started.

Govinda’s wife leave him because of Rani mukherjee. Govinda and Rani mukherjee were very close friends but their relation were different from friendship. Gopvinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja got to know about this and leave him and take her two children.

This was one of the most popular story of that time…

But this popular love story were not be a successful love story. At the end govinda had to quit the relation because of his wife and his two children.

Then Rani mukherjee also moved on to someone else. At that time this story was very famous. Because at that time they both are on the peak of there career and they both are very famous personalities/celebrities of that time.

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