Katrina Gets A Huge Amount For Dabbang Tour

After Race 3 , Salman will do Dabbang Tour. Here we will tell you about “Katrina Gets A Huge Amount For Dabbang Tour “

In addition to Salman Khan’s films, his ‘Dabang tour’ is also a super hit. Salman will go to America for the Dabangg tour after the release of ‘Race 3’. This time with Salman, his lead actress Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandes, Sonakshi Sinha and Daisy Shah will be seen.

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source – Youtube

There is a big news about this tour. If news is to be believed, Katrina Kaif is getting more fees from Sonakshi and Jacqueline for this tour.

According to the DNA report, Katrina is the biggest star after Salman Khan in this tour. She is also a great dancer. Her final solo act is also included in the tour.

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According to the reports, Katrina is getting Rs 12 crore for this tour. Jacqueline and Sonakshi are being given 6 to 8 crores.

According to the information, Katrina is being offered more money for her performance because her songs are more and her songs are more hits.

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