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Kapil Sharma Comes with His Version of Story on Kapil-Sunil Spat!

By admin / Published on Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017 05:00 AM / No Comments / 205 views

Finally, Kapil Sharma broke his silence on Sunil Grover. For the first time after the news of the spat with Sunil Grover being viral, Kapil Sharma has openly cleared it. He has posted a message on Facebook for his fans. Kapil has written in it, “Good morning friends, I was celebrating my best time and suddenly I heard about the battle of Mary and Sunil Paji. First thing, see where the news came from and what is its intentions? If I fought with him on the flight, then who saw it and informed you. Is he credible? ” ….”People enjoy this kind of news” he added.

Kapil’s message further reads, “Some people like to gossip and ENJOY this. We eat together, travel together. I meet my brother once a year and almost every day with my team which ENJOYS together he said. This is more so with Sunil. I love them, respect them. Yes, I had an argument with him. but we are normal people. I yelled at them for the first time in 5 years. And once again we will sit together and discuss the solution as we do every time as the brothers do. Sunil is like my big brother. In his message, Kapil said that sunil is like his older brother. He wrote, “I like him as an artist and as a good person. He is like my big brother. Why is so often negativity in media every time? I respect the media. There are other serious issues in the country. Media should focus on those. He also asked from his fans what is the bigger issue, me or Sunil, or security of the country. He wrote,…“we have families to spend more time with each other and little issues often happens in families. It is our Family matter. We will short it out. Don’t take much fun of anyone’s problem. OK, now I’m tired of typing. ”

At the end, Kapil gives a serious message to the funny accent. He further wrote, “One more thing … I am going to the final schedule of the film ‘Firangi’ … Haahaha … sorry, again for promotion. Thank you for the thanks and good luck. Be happy and keep smiling Everyone loves a lot. “

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