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Bigg Boss 12: Jasleen Matharu enjoys a pool date with Anup Jalota in skimpy red bikini

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu are one of the Most sizzling jodis of the Bigg Supervisor 12 house and masses really need to see them together. That makes them extremely solid. Regardless of all the feedback over their multi year seniority hole, they are still watched and are pack pullers in the show. Everybody from Salman Khan to Varun Dhawan are gigantic aficionados of this VICHITRA JODI. Furthermore, do we point the finger at them?  For more bollywood latest gup shup connect here.

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In an inconspicuous film from the show, think about what Jasleen do to beat her mid-week blues? Well she slipped into the pool wearing a scanty red two-piece and think about who joined her? Anup Jalota. Be that as it may, no, it isn’t the means by which you think. He was simply chilling with individuals, dunking his feet in the water. Others in the pool were Roshmi Banik, Deepak Kumar, Saurabh resembled every one of them enjoyed themselves however everybody had their eyes just on Jasleen. Bollywood trending goes on. It was incredible to see Anup impassively visiting with Jasleen as Dipika Kakar, Srishty Rode and Nehha Pendse were on kitchen obligation.

Others looked on with envy as a couple of contenders got the opportunity to appreciate pool time with Jasleen! Look at the pics and reveal to us what you think. Presently, Jasleen has had a huge battle with Dipika Kakar as she called her brutal for considering her undertaking Samudri Lootere excessively important.

There is break between the jodis and singles in the house on the grounds that both are equal groups. Rakhi Sawant who professes to be Jasleen’s companion has just anticipated that Jasleen will before long leave Anup Jalota and go to one of the ‘hot fellows’ in the house.

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