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I Wish Hema Malini Was My Mother” – Twinkle Khanna | Bollywood Trends

I Wish Hema Malini Was My Mother” – Twinkle Khanna

Every one of us sooner or later in our lives have been at a stage where we longed that your folks were as cool as your adjacent neighbors. It’s either on the grounds that they don’t acknowledge what we are doing or either on the grounds that they generally continue singling out our errors and discuss it till time everlasting. As of late at an occasion, Twinkle Khanna talked about her mother and demonstrated that star mothers are much the same as our own. Twinkle as of late propelled her third book, Night robe Are Excusing and at the occasion, Karan Johar met the writer and his BF Twinkle, in which he asked the performing artist for what valid reason she had devoted this book to her mom, Dimple Kapadia.

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She was rather surprised when she found out that I dedicated this book to her because she has never encouraged me in anything. She has always tried to pick faults. When I first started writing columns, one of them became very popular and I called her up to ask her if she has read it and she replied – ‘No, but I wanted to tell you over dinner last night that none of your serving dishes match.


Additionally Twinkle said something which left the whole gathering of people in stun. The performer included,

I resembled what is the utilization of having you as a mother, I wish Hema Malini was my mom in any event I would get a Kent water purifier free.

While we realize that Twinkle was joking, we can just envision what the family tree would resemble, JK. Trust Twinkle to dependably astonish us!

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