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Himesh Reshammiya to Marry GF Sonia Kapoor after Divorce

By admin / Published on Friday, 09 Jun 2017 09:55 AM / No Comments / 287 views

On Tuesday, Composer Himesh Reshammiya got divorced from his wife Komal. With this, 22 years of marriage of this couple’s marriage broke up. Both of them told the reasons for their break-up to not be shared with each other and they would not be able to reconcile the harmony. But this is due to the long-running extra-marital affair of Himesh.

Rumors of being in a relationship with Himesh Reshammiya’s TV actress Sonia Kapoor are hot in the market. Along with this, Himesh did not even hide his relationship with the eyes of the world. Not even when he was a married man. Separated Himesh and Komal couple filed a divorce application last year and now the Bombay Court has stamped this. Himesh has also spoken about this matter.

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The news is that Himesh wanted to deal with the divorce as soon as he wanted to get married again. Yes, if you think of close sources of Himesh, then Himesh is ready to settle down with Soniya and they are both thinking about getting married later this year. Now, what will happen next, it will tell time!

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