Boney Kapoor’s Reaction After ‘Dhadak’ Trailer

The trailer of ‘Dhadak’ is released and Creating a  buzz all around. here we will talk about ‘ Boney Kapoor’s Reaction After ‘Dhadak’ Trailer ‘

Jahnavi Kapoor’s movie Dhadk trailer has come out. In this way several members of Kapoor family were present on Monday to support Jahnavi Kapoor. Obviously, Boney Kapoor also came to support his daughter. During this, Bony Kapoor appeared quite emotional after the trailer event.

So when he was asked how he felt after seeing his daughter on the big screen So for a while, Bony did not say anything and he was absolutely calm. He later expressed his emotions and said that his heart was full. Then he said that leave it  now and he went emotionally to sit in the car. It is obvious that it was quite an emotional moment for Boney Kapoor and his entire family.

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Jhanvi Kapoor’s sister Khushi Kapoor was very emotional on stage and could not stop her tears.He used to catch Jahnavi and cried a lot. From Jahnavi the media asked, what tips have they received from Papa, Janhavi said that Papa has not given me any tips. Papa has given me lots of love.

After the launch of the trailer, Bony hugged Jahnavi and this emotional moment of father and daughter was also very special. It is obvious that Jahnavi and his entire family were missing out on Sridevi a lot on this special occasion.

Regarding Sridevi, Jahnavi also said that she is missing her today and Sridevi has always advised him to work hard and work diligently and she will also try to implement it. The movie Dhadak is directed by  Shashank Khaitan. The film will be released on July 20.

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On this occasion, Jahnavi told thats he had seen Sairat film in his house with his mother Sridevi. And at the same time, it was evident from Jahnavi’s words that I wish to become part of such a movie too.

On this, Sridevi also expressed her wish that she also wants me to do such a role. Jahnavi told that the mother was with me on the first day of the film shoot. Asked what she had given before Sridevi came to the industry, Jahnavi said that the mother has always told him that it is very necessary to work hard.

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