Bollywood Ramayana fame sita aka deepika chikhalia in news for comeback film ghalib and natsamrat remake interview

Everyone remembers ramayana fame Sita and she is going to make a comeback in her career. Here is some news and interview related to ‘ Bollywood Ramayana fame sita aka deepika chikhalia in news for comeback film ghalib and natsamrat remake interview’

Some 32 years ago Deepika Chikhalia, who was worshiped in many homes due to her Sita’s role during the telecast of the serial Ramayana, came to the news recently when it came to the news that she would be seen in a major role in the Hindi film Ghalib. .

This film is on the life of Guru Gill’s son Afzal Guru, in which Deepika is playing a role of Ghalib’s mother Tabassum.

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Besides Deepika, ‘Ghalib’ is also going to be seen in the Gujarati remake of ‘Nat Samrat’. In an interview , Deepika Chikhalia said that as Sita’s character has been associated with her name and identity, she wants to do just that, at least one more role she plays like that from which she has a new identity. Apart from Sita, they should be remembered for that role too!

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However, after marrying businessman Hemant Topiwala of Gujarat, he made a distance from the world of Entertainment and helps him in the business of his husband’s cosmetics. Deepika heads the research and marketing team of this company.

This company makes makeup bindi and tips and toes nail polish. Apart from Deepika Ramayana, mother of two daughters, she also appeared in shows like Tipu Sultan and Vikram and Baital.

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Did you know that Deepika Chikhliya’s age was only 16 years of Ramanand Sagar’s acting time in Ramayana? Despite getting such popularity at an early age, Deepika’s acting career did not work much. But, for the role of Ram, for the role of Arun Govil and Sita, Deepika is still remembered!

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