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Congress Objects & Want Screening for Upcoming movie ‘The Accidental PM’

Trailer released for upcoming movie ‘the accidental Prime Minister’ and arise the latest controversy for political backgrounds, movie starring Anupam Kher in and as Mr. Manmohan Singh. The Former Prime Minister of our country, served for ten years (2004-2014) as PM. He was involved with United Progressive Alliance and in response of the book by Sanjaya Baru, Mr. Singh’s media advisor.

Saying that “Inappropriate of the facts” as an excuse. Maharashtra Youth Congress threats if the screening of movie is not given before releasing of the movie, they wouldn’t let the movie release.  According to Bollywood trending, Maharashtra Youth Congress also says that if the movie includes some masala or something inappropriate. Those scenes should be deleted.

 “If the said movie is released without prior screening for our office bearers and without making necessary changes recommended by us that we find out after viewing the movie it will be understood that you are doing this deliberately and we have other options open to stop the screening of the same across India,” stated in the letter given by congress to film makers of the movie.

On the day of Bollywood upcoming movie trailer launch, a reporter asked actor Anupam Kher if he is getting worried for the movie as it has described the controversial behavioyusr between the congress and Manmohan Singh. Even after the Congress feeling offended after watching the trailer. On this the actor replied “It takes guts to make a kind of movie with such political background. I must say that my producer and director have guts. I am just an actor and the movie is to be received as a movie and there are no bad things in it. Just take a minute to criticize you hence as an actor one should be more careful as it is an actor by which the character is reflected and perceived by the audience.”

“It will be taken to court. If the makers of movie don’t arrange a special screening before the movie is released” says Amrish Pandey, President of Youth Congress (Maharashtra Unit)

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