Bhoomi Is A Big Fan Of Joya Akhtar Films.

she is very happy these days because he has completed shooting of his upcoming movie Son Chidiya, and these days he is in the discussion due to Zoya Akhtar’s short film Lost Stories. Here we will tell you that “

The trailer of this movie has been released and Bhoomi is also very much appreciatedSpeaking about this, Bhoomi says that she wanted to work with Joya forever. Zoya’s name was always up on her Wish List.

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source – News18

The reason for this is that Bhoomi is fanciful of Joya’s entertainment and insightful films. Bhoomi says that Zoya’s films have this quality that they show different types of social standings as well, which do not usually get noticed.

she removes stories from every day’s sycosis. Then when you look at it with the eyes of a third person, then understand that the rules in which the rules are set in the society. How much stupidity is behind them?

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Zoya’s stories are about human emotions and therefore they connect with people. Bhoomi goes on to say that a year ago, he got this movie. At that time, she did not even have the idea of what the format was. Bhoomi believes that it will continue to be a part of such films, so when they join, they also have the opportunity to do challenges with the Opportunity.

Bhoomi is happy with the fact that such kind of original content is being created in India which viewers can see on digital platforms too. Now it is a matter of joy that established artists are also heading towards this side. In this way, there will be no hassle for censorship here and there will be complete independence for films.

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