Akshay’s choice Of Endorsement

Film actor Akshay Kumar said in an interaction with journalists in an event  about ” Akshay’s choice Of Endorsement”

Akshay Kumar expressed his views and choices in Mumbai that before he endorses any product, it assesses its standards and reliability, and then only decides to endorse any product.

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Explaining this further, he also said that he does not endorse any product for the money. When he receives an offer, while doing so, he also keeps in mind that it will benefit the country and society. Explaining this, Akshay Kumar says, “I do not have any shortage of advertisements and I am not lacking in money. Whatever products I propagate, if you look good, Please use

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Recently, Akshay Kumar was seen in the traffic police uniform through which he was appealing to follow the rules of the road. He has joined the Road Transport and Highways Ministry (MORTH) road safety campaign. You will see a message of security wearing this uniform of Akshay Traffic Police for this campaign. Akshay has shared the information about joining this campaign via Twitter. Akshay has posted a photo in which the traffic is showing up with other police personnel wearing police uniforms.

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Akshay has said- I am happy to join the Road Safety campaign of the Ministry and I am hoping to take the Road Safety movement forward. I hope this campaign will change people’s behavior towards traffic and road safety and help save precious lives.

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