Aamir Khan Is The Most Famous Bollywood Superstar In China

Amir Khan is very much popular in china with his films and his stardoms. Here we will tell you ‘Aamir Khan Is The Most Famous Bollywood Superstar In China ‘

In China, Indian films and stars are dominated by fiercely. Indian films do good business in Chinese cinemas. China’s commerce minister Ma Zhanvu has admitted that Aamir Khan is China’s most popular international star.

Chinese Consul-en-Ma Zanwu, appointed in Kolkata, has said that Aamir Khan is the most famous in China. His fame is more than any other international actor and his recent secret superstar has been a big hit in the country.

source – The financial Express

Zanwu Nechin – India joint art exhibition program told reporters other than that Aamir Khan is very loved and respected in China.

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He said that many popular Hindi films which were appreciated by the film reviewers have been recently shown in the Shanghai Film Festival and Beijing Film Festival in China’s Film Festival.
Zanwu said, ‘It shows the popularity of Bollywood movies in our country.’

He said that Bollywood dance is popular in China. In a recent program, the employees of the Chinese Consulate performed the dance of the Padmavat film. He said that traditional dance of Bengal, Odisha, and Kerala are also done in China.

Currently, Secret Superstar, Khan’s latest movie about a 14-year-old Muslim-Indian girl striving to become a singer in spite of the restrictions from her conservative father, is playing in Chinese theaters.

Since its local release on January 19, the 150-minute film has remained as the single-day box office champion for more than a week. With limited $2.4 million budget, the movie has made more than $47 million at the box office in the first nine days and is expected to gross more than $126 million in total in the Chinese mainland alone.

source – quartz

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The Chinese website Douban (a viewer-led movie-ranking website similar to IMDb) rated the movie 9.1 out of 10, making Dangal the highest rated foreign movie in 2017.
Even Chinese President Xi Jinping told Modi on the sidelines of a summit in Kazakhstan last year that he “loved” Dangal, and “hoped to see more of the same kind of movies in the future in China.”

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