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Salman Khan With His Little Nephew On The Stage Of Big Boss 10

By admin / Published on Thursday, 26 Jan 2017 18:08 PM / No Comments / 140 views

Salman khan is the busiest man in the bollywood  still he manages to get some ‘Me’ time. He happens to manage some time for his very near ones. No, i am not talking about his rumoured girlfriend,But his little nephew Ahil, who makes this tough guy turn into a baby in a span of a second.

Few days back when Salman was shooting for Big Boss Weekend Ka Vaar episode in lonavala,his sister Arpita khan ,Brother in law  Aayush and nephew Ahil Came to meet him .See some picture which are actually adorable to miss. Have a look

Ahil looked very happy seeing his very play ful mamu on the stage and salman was teaching his nephew some traits,he was asking Ahil wheather he would like to host the stage, while cute Ahil was busy playing with the mic.

This shows the Admiring and other side of the coin type nature which he holds.

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